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First post! Not a SS...

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Well here is my car in its current state

Even then some of my very first words were "i'm staying 100% stock" it didn't last too long before i started modding

I even wanted to change the type of lighing that came with the car... So i purchased a 6000k HID kit

Don't worry... i never drive with the fog lights on... just wanted to show the difference.. though i am looking for a 6000k HID fog light kit!

This is one of the pics that i really like...

I am a board member of CSC (Chciagoland SRT Club)... i'm sure some have heard of it.. and some haven't... we are based out of Chicago (obviously) and are primarily a SRT car club (obviously, again) most of the cars are SRT-4's but we do have a SRT-10 Ram Truck in the Line up and a SRT-8 300C...

I have just recently purchased a few things for the car and am in the process of installing them

My current mod list is:

Stage 1
Tein Coilovers
Mopar Super Center front and rear cross-drilled rotors
Mopar Super Center "Poor-mans" front and rear sway bar upgrades
DC Strut Tower Bar, front and rear
Maddog STS - 50% Reduction w/ 1.5 cut
JMB Pressure Pipe w/ Greddy Type S bov
Xenon Xtec 6000k HID kit
Motegi DPK 18x8 rims.
There are probably a few more things that i'm leaving out.. but nothing really else that is major...

Mods to come:
Stage 2 with Toys

I have a ton of more pics.. and video... Click on my sig to see more!

In any case... nice site you have going here.. i'm suprise that there aren't many SS's in the Chicagoland area... or at least i haven't seen them.. and with the amount that i drive.. you would be sure that if they were out there, i would of come across 1 or 2 of them... but i think that in total, i have only seen 1 one on the street
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Welcome to the site and that is a really nice SRT-4.. And thanks to all SRT-4 guys for being so nice to all of us and not haten on the SS's. :)
Very nice SRT-4, it's great seeing the SRT-4ers and CSSers getting along. :)
Hot car man! Welcome aboard! My buddy has a SRT-4 with a Stage 2 (no toys) on his car. I haven't rode with him lately but I rode in it when it was runnin the Stage 1 kit and it was darn fast! Nice cars!! ;)
Thanks for the welcome... and thanks for the compliments on the car... the exterior of the car is pretty much done... i'll probably get the stage 2, and then start working on the audio system

Later today i will be installing

Just the fronts... i'm still waiting for the rears to arrive... hopefully by next weekend they will be here... along with the upgraded rear sway bar...

Its funny... i don't really have plans to AutoX or Road race... but i have all the but the "bushing kit" in the "Suspension" department... maybe i should try my hand at "AutoX" :D
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87camaroPA said:
That would be cool you should just to see what you could do. :)
One of our member in CSC has just gotten into AutoX... and we are tring to get a relationship going with VCA (Viper Club of America)... i was just at one of there meets the other day, working out some business with them in a event that we are going to participate with them this weekend with the NASCAR weekend that is going on here in Chicago. and suprisingly so, a lot of there members do AutoX or Road Race. Even some wheel to wheel stuff... which if i had a viper.. i would NOT do... hell i wouldn't even do that with my SRT

CoBIZZLE said:
Hey flores, where'd you get that hid kit?
As for the HID Kit... I don't know what the rules are here about posting vendor informations... but they are a sponser over on SRTForums..., thats where i ordered it from.... I love the lights!!! not a single problem what so ever!!
That's as cool a Srt-4 I've seen yet!
Damn SWEEEET! I like those stripes against that red :D

HMMM, wonder what stripes like that would look like on my SS ;)
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