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First run at the local track

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I finally ran down at the local strip. A recent guy I met in town(only redline owner I know of) convinced my to go with him to the strip so we did. The power was down for some reason but they still let people race although untimed:( sucks my first runs I couldn't even get timed but oh well. He just wanted to see what my car could do. I'm fairly new to drag racing and street racing so I was a little nervous. Anyway we lined up and we were off, I spun real bad through first and lost but just by a car lenth or so. We lined up again and I hit it good this time and beat him by 2-3 cars. I was shocked and asked him if he messed up at all and he said he didn't he ran one of his best runs yet but yet I beat him :D He said man I knew I shoulda waited for the SS and just laughed. BTW he runs anywhere from 9.4 to 9.8 at our 1/8th mile track. I can't wait to go back and see what times I can get!
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Sweet! I was hopin for at least mid 9's. Thats good to hear, I think 13's will be EASILY achieved with small mods. Some are sayin high 13's could be possible stock, but I would probably have to wait til that happened to believe it.
Any idea what mid 9 would be in 1/4? I added some pics of his redline on my gallery.
Theoretically, you if you go by mathmatical statistics....
If you run a 9.5 in the 1/8 you have traveled half the distance of a 1/4.

Ignore this part its just an example: Lets say you trapped 70mph. You're starting speed was 0mph, so you're avg speed was around 35mph.

Since you're already traveling at twice your average speed of the first 1/8 and still accelerating it should take you about half the amount of time to cover the last 1/8(or less since your still accelerating). So 9.5 x 1.5 (the 1 is the first 1/8, the .5 is the second 1/8, and they are added) so 9.5x1.5= 14.25. a 9.4 would equate to a 14.1. a 9.3 would be a 13.95.

Now this is just theoretically speaking. This is ignoring how good or bad the conditions are, driver skill, vehicle, etc etc. All will make a HUGE difference when they are changed as variables.... This is just the way I set my goals. If I ran a 9.5 in an 1/8 then I would shoot for a 14.25 in a 1/4.

Again THIS WILL NOT TELL YOU what you will run. Its just how I try to guesstimate my goals.... but it makes mathematical sense.
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[email protected]=1/4 mile [email protected]=1/8 mile is a time I ran before.

Mid 9 in the 1/8 mile will get you high 14 to 15 flat.
tomt5078 said:
[email protected]=1/4 mile [email protected]=1/8 mile is a time I ran before.

Mid 9 in the 1/8 mile will get you high 14 to 15 flat.
Exactly. Wind drag destoroys your top end speed! Thats why I said ignoring conditions, etc. Just theoretically.
you can't always compare 1/8th and 1/4 mile times...

My friend has an LT1 Camaro and when me and him raced through the 1/4 we had damn near the same 1/8th mile time(My 8.80 to his 9.0) but I finished with a 13.40 @106 and he finished with a 13.8 @101...

5mph difference in the last 660 ft., thats a big difference...

So on different cars, its hard to compare, there is no "universal" method, you just have to know the car...
Let's see.. just one of my slips.... 2.3 60 and missing 4th gear..

1/8th - 9.08
mph 82.58
1/4 13.85
mph 103
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