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for the people waiting for an SS

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I wonder why? i drove past our chevy dealer today and they have 2 outside and one on the showroom floor. just wondering why you guys are waiting for em and lil lawton oklahoma has 3 on hand. :confused:
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i was asking because people are waiting and this hole in the wall town has em sitting on the lot, i was just asking
Each Chevy dealer around me has one but they all have like 200 miles on them from test drives. Just think, thats probalby 100 different people who have driven them.

I am just waiting for my Dad to tell me I can get one
iam picking my up this week 11 miles ha ha ha to all you who cant get one only kidding i know there a bitch to get one wqith the options you want dont worry guys you will all have one
Yea over here in Southern Illinois, there are ZERO!! i had to drive 70 miles to find one, luckily it was one i liked and optioned like i wanted, plus it only had 18 miles on it!
i have yet to see a cobalt SS here in central cali or cali for that matter.
Ok the dealer near me has had alot of SS's. But I absoliutly can not swing it right now i just have to wait untill i am out of College and start my FULL time job once i get out i will then order my SS becuase by then i will have enoughe money. That is why i dont got one yet. :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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