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The Babadook
The Babadook Review : Firstly,what this is. I would say a cross between The Shining and We Need to talk about Kevin. This film is desperately sad. A woman who is haunted,first by her husbands death,then by the Babadook all while looking after her young son. This is a creepy, no jump scare, fantastic psychological horror. A rare gem that plays on all those fairytale fears that you may have had as a kid.
Second.What this isn't. Well,not "The worst horror in years".I get that people have different opinions.I do.But this isn't a film that can justify that sort of nonsensical comment. It isn't a dull jump scare-filled blockbuster. The characters are not hot teenagers. They are believable, disturbed and this makes the film the slow,creeping horror that it is.

Night at the museum Secret of Tomb
Night at the museum Secret of Tomb Review : Many moons ago, Thomas Lennon (of Reno 911 fame) relentlessly teased the possibility of inflicting a third installment in the Night at the Museum series upon the movie going public. Chances are, so much time has gone by since he made his fateful, cryptic warning that everyone has completely forgotten about it. The project seemed to have drifted off into the horizon, like so much flotsam; that should make today’s reveal of the Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb trailer all the more jolting.

The Interview
The Interview Review : Cinema is inherently political. Even when filmmakers don’t go out of their way to put ideology under a microscope, their films still make implicit political statements. In 2008, for example, The Dark Knight combined all the thrills of a superhero flick with a gritty crime yarn while providing an allegory for the war on terror; meanwhile, 1999′s The Iron Giant delighted audiences with its central emotional through lines of friendship and self-determination, but also contains an anti-gun sentiment and a satirical critique of reactionary governance.

Into The Woods
Into The Woods Review : Walt Disney Pictures has got a new musical on the horizon, but Into the Woods isn’t your average fairy tale offering from the Mouse House. This one is directed by Rob Marshall, the helmsman on the Oscar-winning film musical Chicago; here, he is once again bringing an acclaimed Broadway stage musical to cinematic life. A recently-unveiled image gallery for the movie highlighted the A-list cast members and their lovely costuming, but the new teaser instead shines the spotlight on the fantasy world that Marshall helped to create onscreen.
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