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For Sale or Trade, Apexi Tach w/ Shift Light

Dustin Jones
Sewickley, PA

For sale or trade: I bought this tach in Jan 2008. I had it installed in my GSX Eclipse until about a year ago. It is in very good condition, no scratches on glass, bench tested it on Monday night and it lights up correctly. The back of the tach as you can see in the pics is a little faded but i think I will mask it off and give it a quick coat and some clear.
This tach new was $360.00 and the shift light was $35.00. This tach is still sold as an outdated model for $250-$275 depending on the website but the shift light is still a current model and still sells for $35-$40. The new EL series tachs are around $375.
I was saving this for future use but have decided to sell it. I am taking offers on straight sale and I will also like to consider trades, maybe a used air intake for 2.2, FE5 suspenson parts, black or grey interior parts or other parts, throw me your offers. Here is a link so you can see what color it lights up.
Apexi El Tachometer

This 120mm EL Tachometer features real-time 30-second needle playback, peak-hold, two-stage adjustable warning, and seven-way dimmer adjustments. A'PEX engineers incorporated a 16-bit CPU to provide fast and accurate readings in 1000 step increments. The unit has the capacity to measure up to 12,700 RPM on engines with 1 to 10 cylinders. A'PEX engineers also designed the unit to be thin and compact for installation in tight spaces.

Thank you,
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