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Front Mesh Grille

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Hey I was wondering if anyone "modded" their front bumper by putting on a mesh grille (which I feel should have came stock just as the back bumper grille is) and if anyone has put one on can you take a few pictures and give some instructions as to how you mounted and secured it. Also where you purchased it from (I saw some chicken wire at home depot the other day that looked exactly like the aftermarket sold mesch grills and it was like 200 times cheaper... would this work? Thanks for you help guys.
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The front is like that for a reason, it allows the incoming air to flow into the intercooler and radiator, but if you wanna raise under the hood temps go ahead.
Xero state, I hate to say it, but you are wrong, The intercooler is in the front air damn, it runs the fluid through those inside the intake manifold. Erego if you cut off flow to the intercooler you are defeating the purpose. There is an animated video out there showing how the LSJ's Intercooler works, it pumps the fluid through the rails inside the supercharger.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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