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Went to get the car last Monday and they didn't have it like they were supposed to (and said they did). They traded two more times with dealers from as much as the next state away only to receive a call that the other dealer sold the car before completing the trade. I am hoping that the third time is a charm! Will know more today. I didn't think it would be this hard to find one w/o XM or OnStar (no need for either). In any event, the dealer is paying to get one with XM so that we can get the car we want w/o having to wait.... Hopefully sometime this week! I could not imagine waiting like those of you who bought them when they were first announced or first hit the showrooms!!!
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Yea good luck with getting the car this week, really im not being sarcastic. Im going to place my order for an 06 soon and I expect to be waiting 2-3 months since I going to get the G85 and the Laser blue which is limited and a new blue for 06 =/
Well I got mine Friday night. They said it was the last 05 in KC. I had to get red becasue no one would trade for a blue. I love it though!
Just got a call from the dealer and we are picking the car up on Thursday! We ended up with Red (my choice but not the fiance's first choice). We didn't want the XM radio but they gave us $300 more for the trade to offset the cost so why not, it is free!
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