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FS: 2005-06 SS w/Pioneer Radio Harness

I made these when I had my '05 SS several years ago. Since I turned the car in these got lost in my box of radio parts. Had a few inquiries about them recently and I'd like them to go to good use rather than sitting around.

These will allow the installation of an aftermarket head unit with RCA outputs into an SS with the Pioneer sound system and maintain the use of the factory amp, speakers, and sub. It will also not affect the use of the Driver Information Center on cars with the Pioneer radio. OnStar will not be retained from my understanding. Neither will the radio controls.

Here are several threads discussing the harnesses and how I made them including my how to.

Harness Thread

Aftermarket H/U Installation How-To

I'm looking for $35 each or make me an offer. Most of what I'm seeing simliar on ebay is going for $50+. I have my original harness and another that I made later to sell for a profit. I also have the dash installation kit I used in my car that I will sell for $5.

Let me know if you have any questions or are interested. PM, text, call, or email. I am located near Detroit, MI.

Jason Harley
[email protected]
(248) 387-9035

Wiring Harness 003 by TheHarley, on Flickr

IMG_3252 by TheHarley, on Flickr

IMG_3253 by TheHarley, on Flickr

IMG_3251 by TheHarley, on Flickr
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