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Sorry to say my baby has to go, im seperating from the military soon and can no longer afford the payments and the insurance and it needs to sell asap and i will accept any resonable offer. The car currently has a cracked winshield that will be replace if the car is sold, it has new brakes and a new alignment just done. The major mods off the car have been sold but the big turbo kit remains because i sold the stock turbo. My baby is immaculate, the entire car has one scratch of the driver side upper passenger door new close to the window about one inch long and its about the size of a edge of a razor blade or hair... otherwise, simply beautiful.. never been smoke in, the seats are clean and the back seat has been sat in twice. Interior is not faded and wiped down regularly with protective wipes.

Now the good stuff, mods:

High temp coated black intake manifold
Powdercoated black and silver valve cover(thanks boggus)
poweder coated injector cover
AEM SRI polished intake
HP racing 2nd gen tubular manifold
innovate 57trim t3/t4 turbo/ w heatshield
custom recirculated 3' o2 housing
tial 38mm wastegate w/ 8ps, 3 psi and 10.97psi spring included
Cat-delete test pipe with extra o2 bung for wideband
MPX coil heat shield
MSD 8.5mm wires

As you can see the base for power is there, fmic, full fuel system,BC and you have a 350-400whp beast. PICS can be provided by email, unless someone want to be nice and host them for me, otherwise thanks for looking.

Asking 14,950
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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