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FS: modded xbox with 250gb hd + hi-def cables + wireless controllers

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got a modded xbox, it's one of the chips that you can disable and play on xbox live with. this setup would allow storing of games on the hd. i read somewhere that you could just d/l the games on your computer and ftp them into your xbox :rolleyes: or you could get something like gamefly and store them on the hd :rolleyes:

anyways: 2 wireless controllers, 250gb hd installed, the modded xbox, the oem hd, and hi def cables along with oem cables for $300 shipped. i have about a dozen or so games installed on it, but i will remove them before selling this unit
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you can ftp games to y our xbox hdd i acutally do it with games that are just 2 big to burn to a dvd- 5 dvd disk. u need to extract the xbox iso that are on your computer hdd then you just put it in a certian directory on ur xbox hdd and you load it up on ur hdd and play! its more complicated than that but it is possible!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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