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Hey everyone,

I have a Computer that was personally built for me a while back, and it has been sitting in the kitchen, not being used. It is a Very good computer, if you wanna browse the web, do school work, emulation, copy dvds and download music!

Here are some pics with Details of the PC and how it looks!

2.0GHZ chip overclocked to 2.67GHZ, Windows XP Pro SP2, 512MB Ram

Lots O Good Stuff!

Not to much on there. Mainly to download music and torrents

Taken with the flash. Not to shabby but not a beautiful PC. lol

wanted a real light pic of the PC...HDR rules, but wasnt trying to make it look pretty...

It has 2 USB ports. Can Use Wireless Web With A Wireless Reciever. 2 DVD Burners, one is DVD-R and the other is DVD+-R. It barely has anything on it, As i recently had everything cleaned off of it, because it is an extra computer. It also Has an 80GB Hard Drive.

Again, it is a Pretty Dang Good Basic Computer and it gets the Job Done for when people just wanna do good stuff on there.

I am asking 350 LOCAL, 425 SHIPPED, and that includes the PC, Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard.

If you pay 600 LOCAL, 685 SHIPPED, i will also include my PSP, which includes 4 games, 1GB mem Card and PSP Media Manager that i have been trying to sell!

My email is [email protected] - AIM is GABRIELOLG - Yahoo is juniormt2 - If you would like to talk on the phone, pm me and i will give you my phone number!

Thanks again for the interest!

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