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I am currently in progress of swapping a SAAB 9-3 LK9(B207R) engine into my 2008 Cobalt LT Auto. Thought I would make mention of this in case anyone is interested.

Here's a little more info:
-Will be using the stock turbo included with the LK9 (un-plumbed, except for exhaust downpipe)
-Will attempt to run a TVS1320 ALSO... yes, twin-charge. (this will be discussed later)
-Will need to make a custom downpipe for the Saab td04-14t 3-bolt flange outlet
-Will be using Saab 9-3 intake
-Will be using modified LNF upper charge pipe plumbed into TVS/LS4 TB

-IS using LSJ water/air intercooling system
-IS using L61 fuel rail
-IS using L61 engine harness and sensors and coil packs
-IS mated to a 4T45E using LK9 6bolt flexplate (required drilling bolt holes)
-IS using an LSJ Cam Position Sensor HOUSING with (stock) 2008 L61 Cam Position Sensor in place of LSJ sensor on the exhaust cam hex-socket

^...To clarify, I have visually verified (but not proven) that an LSJ exhaust-driven, Cam Position Sensor unit SHOULD theoretically function the same as '07-'08 intake Cam Position Sensor. Although, they are a mirror image of each other. I will update this statement after initial startup. If anyone that has access to both, 07-08 L61 intake cam and LSJ CPS housing and could compare cam positions and give me a second opinion I would appreciate it.

-Cannot use LSJ (rectangle) style oil cooler with 4T45E due to clearance issues, I will have to purchase an LNF (diamond-shaped) oil cooler instead, similar to HHR SS w/ 4T45E

-Assuming my Trifecta custom tune can adjust for steep boost already using the TVS1320 (2.6pulley)... whats a few extra PSI? I will be updating the tune for the 2.0L motor anyway, hopefully the tune update will adjust to the new boost pattern...
-I plan to limit the Turbo boost manually to a relatively low level... like as low as it will go. If the overall boost level is still too high I will pulley up the TVS to a 2.9 (aiming for 20psi)
-My main purpose for twin-charging is to dissapate exhaust temp, volume, and noise. It may not flow quite as well as longtube headers but I hope it will eliminate my regular exhaust system repairs and excessive noise violations LOL.
-Also hoping the turbo will aid in fuel efficiency by assisting the TVS, its a stretch... but we will see!
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