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Getting a Cobalt but i have a few questions

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Hey guys im new here and i have not yet bought my Cobalt. I do have a few questions though for anyone who can help. First off i want to buy a Black or Blue Cobalt SS with a Sunroof. Now my questions are if i order a Cobalt will it cost more than if i were to go to a dealership and just buy one off the lot? I know there is bargaining when you buy off the lot but is there any bargaining when you order one? ALso how long would one of these cars take to arrive if i ordered it? Also is insurance high or about average for one of these? And Lastly i am just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what to get in it or anything of this nature.? Thanks guys im just excited about getting one but i want to make sure i do everything perfect and have no regrets on anything.
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They told me if I ordered one now it would be at the dealership by the middle or end of July. And a lot of people have been saying that the g85 package is the best thing to get on the car.
What is the G85 package? Also is there any price negotitation on a ordered car or is just plain and flat one price no talking about it?
the G85 package is the Recaro seats and a LSD for an additional $1500. As for as ordering one or buying one off the lot...I wouldn't know. I got mine off the lot but I assume it would be the same whether you order or take off the lot
You can dicker on the price if you order it. But if you are going to get one pretty soon, you should seriously consider one off the lot right now. The GMS pricing is going to be a much better deal than you will be able to get on your own.

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Well i would like to get one by the end of this month hopefully. If i order one before hte employee price is over does it count or do i actually have to buy it before july 5? Also how long does it take from the time ordered to the time it arrives? I will most likely buy one off the lot. I dont think that i will be buying the G85 package i do not think it is neccesary in my case. But i would really like a certain color and certain things in it. Can any body tell me hte deal with the discount and the ordering process?
You would have to take delivery by July 5th for the GMS.

What kind of Cobalt are you looking for? If it's an SS/SC, from what I hear if you order one now, it will have to be a 2006 model which they won't even start building until the middle of July. So it could be August at the earliest if you order an SS/SC right now.
Wow well thats sucks. So when you say take delivery does that mean i actually have to pick it up by july 5th? or just order it by July 5th. If this is so then i mgiht just buy one of the lot. But if i ordered it in like the middle of July then how long does it take them to make it and deliver it?
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