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Hey guys, theres a new thread over at "the other cobalt site" about a guy who took his cobalt into a chevy dealership in Michigan for routine stuff. Turns out, the dealership had a memo on a minor fix for the SS/SC clutch from GM that is suppose to prevent slippage.

The guy has GM stage 2 and a 2.8 pulley, and of course, he as terrible clutch slippage

The dealership did the fix, and now he has absolutely no slippage. He hasn't gotten a TSB number yet, but hes working on it. I don't think its an actual TSB yet but its just a matter of time! I'll copy and paste the original post:

Well, I know I don't post here much, but I am on here just about every day. Anyway, this one is worth mentioning.

Took my 06 SS/SC that has a GM Stage II/ 2.8 PB pulley in to the dealership for some clutch work. The car has roughly 18K miles on it, and the clutch has been acting like it's slipping for some time. Strange thing is, it only had been doing it sporadicly, and other times it seemed fine. After the stage install and 2.8 pulley though, it just kept getting worse.

Went up to the dealership yesterday to see how things were going, and I was told the clutch was actually fine, and that GM released a TSB a couple of weeks ago for this problem and it involves replacing a new part on the transmission and linkage I beleive. I even looked at the clutch myself and it was in great shape, no abnormal wear whatsoever.

Only problem here is I picked it up early today and the tech had gone to lunch right as I got there. So I was unable to talk to him about what was actually done. He also hadn't finished the service paperwork, so they are mailing it to me.

I must admit I was skeptical at first until I drove the car. Right away it feels like a TOTALLY different transmission! The clutch engages more smoothly, the shifts feel direct and precise, and best of all NO SLIP. Gave it quite a few full 7K shifts and nothing spinning but the tires. Don't get me wrong, a good aftermarket clutch (when someone finally makes one) is still going to be my choice, but in the meantime you can't beat this. Sorry this is all the info I have, but I hope it helps.
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