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Anyone got an easy way to install it? like in beginners terms

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I think the biggest pain would be the belt. The pulley is the most physical (getting it off). The injectors are real easy. All in all, it can be done in maybe an hour.

I'll try this from memory....
let it cool
loosen the belt, 15mm open ended wrench.
unhook all the connections that are on the supercharger
Take an allen wrench, think 6mm, and looen the 4 bolts holding the supercharger one.
Lift the supercharger up, once it clears the little aluminum tabs, move it to the right and remove it.
Set it down and hook up the pulley puller.
Remove the pulley and install the new pulley hub and pulley.
Remove the 3 bolts holding the injectors down.
Lift the injectors out, flip the rail over. (it'll make sense when its in your hand)
unclip the aligator clips and set them close by.
remove the injectors, slowly.
I think the new injectors connect to the stock harness (not sure here)
after installing the injectors on the harness, replace the aligator clips.
reinstall fuel rail, right side first pushing inward slighty.
remove the stock accessory belt and replace with new one.
ensure supercharger gasket is straight then slowly lift supercharger into place
reinstall the 4 bolts
reconnect the parts you unhooked from the supercharger
reinstall belt

thats about it, as far as torquing requirements, I'm not sure. I believe they are on the instructions.....wait, there are instructions for the stage kits in the box.

I assume no responsibility for anything out of order in this post nor do I assume responsibility if you follow my advice and happen to screw things up royally ;)
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