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BizoCG said:
I got a phone call yesterday about 6:30 pm from my car sales-men. He told me that they finally got my order in after 8-months and that I should be hearing from him in couple of weeks pretty much so time in May but no later. He also told me that I will be one of the first people in Minnesoplis,(Minnesota) that will have this car sweet!!!. Last thing I want to say is that it has been along 8 months but I am pretty sure that it will be worth the wait. Oh ya dont worry I post some pics too.....
Congratulations! you get a car soon.
I read a lot of guys still waiting. But we when decided to buy a Cobalt SS with my partner last week, we spent 24hours only. But someone can tell me how to post photos. I'm a rookie. Thanks. :)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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