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It displays two parementers at a time.

The Interceptor gauge is 52mm (2 1/16") in diameter and will fit in all standard gauge
pods of this size. A 5' cable is included with appropriate OBD2 connector. A splitter cable
is included with the dual Interceptor units.

A function menu is available by pushing both buttons simultaneously. One menu option
allows you to enter a record mode. Once selected, the Interceptor will return to normal
scan mode, but will start recording the displayed data automatically when the throttle
exceeds 50% and engine load exceeds 65%. Approximately 35-40 seconds of data will be
stored. Returning to the menu screen, you can choose to replay the stored data on the
Interceptor display.

Another menu option offers the ability to swap the foreground and backround colors of the
display (to be shown soon in the IMAGES section of this site). Using this feature, for
example, the gauge with a black backround and blue characters (negative image)
becomes a blue backround with black characters (positive image). Not only can this be
visually appealing but beneficial in changing lighting conditions. Positive images are
easier to read in bright sunlight, negative at night.

Lastly, DTC's (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) can be accessed and cleared via menu options.

Power is supplied to the unit by the OBD2 port, so no additional wiring is needed, simply

Aeroforce Technology warrants this product and its accessories against defects in
material and workmanship for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase.
Intake Air Temperature
Mass Air Flow Sensor Frequency
Mass Air Flow Sensor (lb/min.)
Engine Coolant Temperature
Injector Pulse Width (bank 1 and 2 if supported)
Long Term Fuel Trim (bank 1 and 2 if supported)
Short Term Fuel Trim (bank 1 and 2 if supported)
O2 Sensor Voltage (bank 1 and 2 if supported)
Manifold Pressure in PSI (Boost pressure for factory
turbo/supercharger applications)
Ignition Advance
Knock Retard
Engine Run Time
Battery Voltage
Transmission Temperature
Idle air Control Counts
Throttle Position Percentage
Throttle Position Voltage
Engine Load
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