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yep thats right time for me to step it up to a 35R on my cobalt. bought most of this as a kit and would like to sell it all at once(kinda makes sense since its all built to fit) these parts maybe have 5k miles on them. The turbo is oil and coolent cooled and in awesome condition still. i have achieved 380whp on this setup and there is more to be had but would like to make it on a larger turbo. If you would like to see pics of the turbo and parts i have a link here

so the stuff included is
Garret GT2871R
2 piece downpipe
turbo manifold
custom 3" exhaust with magnaflow mufler(sounds great)

would like to sell it for $2500, if you are interested please contact me via email @ [email protected] or PM here. thanks
I also have a stock turbo for the lnf for sale also only has 500 miles on it
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