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im in need of a new head and i went to the stealership today to see what years fit. they told me that 05 and 06 are the same, 07 08 are the same, so on and so on...does anyone know what the CHANGES are between the years of heads? they have different part #s but parts people couldnt tell me why.

i have an 06 2.2L.

ive searched the net and found some info that they are different but noone knows why the heads are different. if you have the info, a link would be great!

even looked on ebay and of course, every person selling a head says it fits every year, but i believe thats just so they can get my money and nobody is going to pay to ship a head back when it doesnt fit.

Help me out, i really need another head to start over with. im really hoping it is just a very minor change that will go unnoticed.

thanks in advance.
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