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Well long story short I just bought an 07 SS/SC, rebuilt title for 3K. The guy had it two weeks and said he just couldnt afford to do anything to it since he wanted to make it a weekend toy. Its been wrecked in the front and looks like it has been pieced back together by a cheap shade tree mechanic so that someone could pocket some money. The car looks good but is running like crap. Im getting

P0069 - MAP code / Barometric pressure
P0172 - Lean bank one, thinking because MAP code
P0315 - Crankshaft position unlearned

The car is drivable but barely, sometimes has a rough/fluctuating idle, has a bad hiccup when touching the throttle, and never have owned a turbo or SC car, but boost gauge only seems to hit 5lb when all the way on the throttle, and car starts cutting out close to 4K.

I have found two plugs that I absolutely cannot figure out where they go to. And I just replaced the MAP sensor on the SC, but apparently there is another one? All vacuum lines have been checked and seem good.

Car has Header, full aftermarket exhaust, poly mounts, cold air intake and new Filter and has been lowered.

My clueless connectors:

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