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My friend mains created this neat forum...kind of like a bullshit forum, but can be fun too! the thing is he needs more traffic to that site, and so i promised to help if u can visit and check it out, and if you want to join, then cool, if not, then thats also cool!

here is a message from mains ======

And post whores are wanted...

it is currently an offtopic forum that I would like to grow into a bar/club/stripper review site. But first you need traffic then you get the bitches... or something...

If you have registered and have not received email confirmation I have forced through your registration. So you have posting rights now. Please be warned that I will be checking the site twice a day until i resolve the email confirmation issues.

Have fun guys...

love you all!

Mains aka GasAlley


If this thread gets deleted then i understand, but if not, then help out!

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