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Since I'm buying a SS in September, I am wondering if I should hold out for a 06. The thing is I'm in Canada, and I found out that the Canadian's version doesn't come with LSD and the Recaro Seats in 2005. Although I don't mind not having the seats, I want the LSD. :( Yet, if I wait to when the 06's are released I can either buy the 06' pay about 28k and get the SS with LSD and Recaro Seats or get the cheaper 05' which'll probably be about 21-22k and have no LSD and Recaro seats. I want the LSD, but are those two really worth the extra 6 grand? So, my question is...

What do I buy?

1. 2005 Cobalt SS w/o LSD and Recaro Seats - 21k.
2. 2006 Cobalt SS w/ LSD and Recaro Seats - 28k.
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Well the option will not be to expensive here it is only $1,500 s you may a little more than that.
I think if you wanna be happy performance wise, Id go w/ the LSD, I am when I get an 06!
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