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Hey all you 2.2L Cobalt owners! Here's somethin for ya: a shiny new S/C!!!

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Check this out. RSM Racing ALREADY has a supercharger setup for the 2.2L Cobalts. Doesn't surprise me though, they probably just modified the Cavy's S/C setup. 60hp increase claim. That will be right on target w/ the SS's hp! I think it would be cool! Here's a link:

RSM Racing S/C for 2.2L Cobalts

They also already have brake, suspension, carbon hood and trunk, and other upgrades as well.

Also look for a stage 2 to come out soon they generally claim around an 85hp increase on their stage 2's! That would be on par w/ an SRT-4!!!
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It would be cheaper too. A regular Cobalt would run around $17K and the S/C is around $3K so thats a good $3K less than an SS! Then you would still have room for other mods.
Well from what I hear they are runnin $22-23K withOUT the LSD in some dealers!!! That extra $3K or so would easily buy a limited slip.
Well in that case one could do the same on a regular Cobalt.
I dont know why not, so thats why Im gettin an SS :D . But I think it would be cool for someone to do somethin different like tunin the regular Cobalt!
Yeah but somebody'll do it! And I want to see it!
Also for the 2.2L the Phase 5 Cobalt uses a 2.2L and they will be sellin the individual parts for it!!! See my other post in the thread about Cobalts hittin 12's.
For a daily driver, I probably would supercharge it, generally less problems, but for a racer, I'd go turbo on the 2.2L!
Well you could turbo it, give it a boost controller, turn it down durin the week, and KEEP YOUR FOOT OUT OF IT!! LOL j/k
Well a turbo doesn't NEED to be intercooled either. Its just better, just like it is for S/C. Banks Power makes a lot of turbo systems for small blocks and they dont use turbo's on most, and maybe none of their kits use intercoolers.
S/C's create a lot of heat too! Thats one of the issues with the Cobalt SS's. Nobody is sure wether or not you'll be able to put a S/C pulley on it to increase boost or not cause a lot of folks think that it'll just create excessive amounts of heat!
No they would handle it as long as you built it to handle it. And as far as RSMs s/c's Im pretty sure they run all of them on stock internals. We were just discussing the cost effectiveness. Buyin one that is already s/c'ed vs. buying a NA one and blowin it.
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