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Hi, newbie here!

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Hi guys,

My name is Jay and I am a potential buyer for a Cobalt SS in a couple months... I really like what I am hearing about the car, and can't wait to get behind the wheel and see how I like it.

I currently own a 2002 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 that is now about 400 HP/425 TQ, as well as my "beater" - an '01 Cavalier LS.

The Trans Am won't be in my possession much longer, as my auction on eBay just ended - it was sold for $16,911. I'm buying a house within the month, and I really needed the money from the sale (I was the original owner, and I am taking home about $12K from the sale, which will do wonders for new furniture and a big ass TV :) ) I'll be sad to see it go, and cruising up and down Woodward (I'm from the Detroit area) won't be the same without the mean V8 muscle under the hood, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

The plan is to consolidate into one car for a year or so - and there is NO WAY I am going to be content with that crappy Cavalier, so I'll be selling that as well, and probably hopping into a Cobalt SS. From there, I'll be looking into a Z06 and the Cobalt will become the daily driver. :D

Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I look forward to hanging out here, and hopefully bringing a Cobalt SS home some day son :D
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Hey hey, congrats on the sells and welcome to the site. Good luck with the move :cool:
Well welcome to the site and i hope everything goes well with the move and hope you get a Cobalt. :D
Wow.... I dont even know you and you are my hero....
I wish I could seriously hope for a new Cobalt SS for a daily driver and in the not too far off future snag a Z06 as a weekend rider!!! :drools:

Oh yeah welcome aboard!!
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