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How many miles do you have on your SS?

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Just wondering how many miles everyone has put on the SS so far. I have 8600 although most of those were put on before I got it.
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8600??? DAMN! i got around 3500
1400 for me in three weeks
ToMeGuN said:
436 miles and counting :)

wow me too...crazy.
8750 actually. Like I said I've only had it since it was at 7600, but I'll have had it two weeks on Wednesday. My freetime turns into drivetime and I've had a lot lately.
2200 so far
2250 in 1 month.
Got it May 31st and it has 1780 on it now.
i went from having 220 to having 1045 in about 3 weeks
Got April 28th, will have 4,000 tommorow
A whopping 820 on mine. Had it for 3 1/2 weeks and it had 200 on it when I got it....
Damn, no one likes to drive the SS? It took me 3 months to put 6200 on it.
Im at 73 ... Started at 27 yesterday ! :)
Around 6500 last I looked, got mine in April.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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