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how many will trade in your car for a SS?

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how many of you guys are going to trade your current car in for a SS? Im pretty sure I'm going to do it.. right now I have a 03 mazda 6s

It will be nice to have a car I can get warranty work done locally!
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I would but i would not get very much for my car because i drive 1987 camaro and it has neerly 194,000 miles on the car.
Well I won't be trading the SRT-4 in for one but I think the fiance might be trading her alero in, or we'll wait till it's completely paid off soon :)
I traded in my '02 SVT Focus with 16K on the clock for my RL.
I'll be trading in my truck as soon as it gets paid off(next jan)
I'll be trading in about $20k for the SS :D
I won't be trading one but as soon as I get back to the states I'll be getting one. recaro and Lsd equiped of corse.
I will never trade my car in for an SS. Cobra all the way, baby!
svtfocus said:
I will never trade my car in for an SS. Cobra all the way, baby!
reading your posts it seems like you are here for a fun ride as you have nothing to contribute.
If I will be getting one I wil be trading in my 02 Grand Am definantly not trading in the 05 G6 GT
My '00Cavalier Z24 will be paid off after I get my tax Return and I plan on buying the Cobalt SS later this year. I'll keep my Cavalier for a Daily Driver to work and such. I am going to love having a Cavalier on 19's as a daily Driver :D
lol I can contribute. Just cuz I'm a Ford guy doesn't mean I don't appreciate other cars. I just said I'd trade my car in only for a Cobra, that's all.
well my 04 grand am is totaled so i'll be getting a cobalt ss in yellow with yellow brembos
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