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How much was your cobalt??

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I only have 17grand on me and im looking to buy the ss..i was curious to know what deal everyones been able to get so far...
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definitely not gonna get there unless you find someone looking to get out of one and buy it used. the 21,995 version has a GMS price of 20,034, so figure that as the cheapest version of the SS + tax title and license
Yeah and considering I've yet to see a base Cobalt SS I'd say your SOL. When I first knew I wanted one I wanted just a base Blue one, no options or nothing. I knew nothing of the G85 package until I got mine. Mine is loaded with everything except that and mine was 24,150. It would have been nice to been able to get the base one I wanted but with the G85. It would have been cheaper but better performing. Oh well I've come to using all the options with mine and I'm extremely happy with it, I've even used OnStar! lol
i got the black ss with the sunroof, xm radio, side air bags, lsd, Ricky seats, etc... for about 23,000 not including gap insurence or any of that extended warrenty shit i got,

Ended up at about 26,000.

GL with 17g
i have two base yellow ones in our showroom. i've had 3 so far at 21,995 msrp.

on these vehicles i don't think you'll see the 3000-4000 rebates the cavalier had for quite some time
Put that chunk o' change down on it and you will be fine. It is something like $20 per every $1,000 you finance...or something like that.
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