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Thanks to TurboTechRacing, my Injen Cold Air Intake arrived in the mail this saturday morning and I immediately went to install it. I know that many of you have already installed the intake and know how to do it, but I wanted to do a write up for those who havn't and could use some advice.

Tools Needed:
7mm socket
8mm socket
10mm socket
3/4 socket
socket wrench
flat head screwdriver
philips head screwdriver
side cutters

First thing you need to do is jack up the car on the driver's side. I used the factory jack because I couldn't find my hydraulic jack. Before the tire lifts off the ground, break the lug nuts loose with the 3/4 socket. Then Jack up the car enough so the wheel is just off the ground and can move freely. Remove the lugnuts and remove the tire from the driver's side of the vehicle. Next thing you will want to do is remove the fender liner. Just a warning....the fender liner can be a pain in the but to get back in place properly! Anyway, the fender liner has I think 8 bolts that you will use the 7mm socket to remove as well as 4 or 5 plastic clips. To remove the clips, I used a pair of side cutters to lift the top piece out and then remove the entire clip from the fender liner. If you try to pull the fender liner off and it resists, chances are you missed a bolt or a clip. Be careful not to tear the fender liner (I did ). Place the fender liner aside and open the hood.

From under the hood, with the flat head screwdriver or the 8mm socket, loosen the hose clamp holding the part of the intake to the throttle body. Then loosen the hose clamp towards the fender so you can detach the first part of the intake tube. To remove the rubber hose, use a pair of pliers to squeeze the clamp together and move it away from the intake tube. Once the rubber hose is removed, the first part of the intake should pull away freely.

Back under the wheel well. Unplug the air flow sensor. Now there are three bolts holding the rest of the intake to the fender well. Use your 10mm socket to remove these three bolts. One bolt is easily visible from the wheel well. The other two bolts are on the other side of the air box assembly and you will need to crawl under the car to see them. Once these bolts are removed, the assembly should come out freely.

At this point, you should have the entire intake assembly removed from the car. Now, with a philips head screwdriver, remove the air sensor (carefully!) from the stock air box. With the supplied screws from Injen, put the air sensor in the new intake tube. Now take the coupler with the hose clamps and attach is to the throttle body under the hood. Do not tighten the hose clamps, as you will need to move it around to get it all to fit correctly.

Now, take the anti-vibration screw (the rubber piece with the washer and nut on it) and screw it on behind the fender (location should be shown in instructions). Now, take the intake tube and from in the wheel well, slide it through the opening in the fender to the engine bay. This will be a tight squeeze, so be carefull not to scratch it. I put a piece of rubber hose over the grounding screw by the headlight that everybody says scratches the intake....and it does, so be careful. Once you have it in there, take the nut/washer from the anti-vibration screw and lightly tighten it over the piece of the intake that it attaches to.

Under the hood put the intake tube into the coupler and lightly tighten the hose clamp. Now, attach the air filter to the bottom of the intake tube and tigthen the hose clamp well. Once you are comfortable with how everything fits, tighten all hose clamps and then don't forget to plug in the air sensor! Now you are done with the install and just have to put the fender liner back in and the wheel back on. Let down the car and you're ready to go!

Below are some of the pictures I took during installation

All of the parts included in the box when I opened it Saturday morning :twothumbs

After taking off the wheel. The red circles are where three of the 7mm bolts are. There are another 4 or 5 underneath the front bumper.

Closer picture, you can see the bolts here. Keep in mind there are also clips holding on the fender well, as well as another 7mm bolt by the side skirt.

After the fender liner came off. This is the stock airbox. You can see one of the three bolts holding it onto the car. There are two more behind it (the two red circles on the left).

Picture from underneath the car looking up at the air box from the other side. You can see one of the two bolts on this side. The other one is right above the one you can see here.

This is after removing the first part of the stock intake tube. The circled part is the grounding bolt that scratches the poop out of your new intake when trying to install it. I put a piece of rubber hose over it to prevent more scratching.

No more stock airbox!!! All gone

Restrictive piece of crap...

After the Injen CAI installed

From the wheel well. The circle on the left is the air flow careful with this! It's fragile and delicate. On the right circle is the anti-vibration screw.


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qUOTE bY Rusty scratches the poop out of your new intake .....

HAHAHAHAHA That was hilarious.... the word poop is always funny...... :D :D
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