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Every one knows the problems with the lsj intake manifold. And those who go to a turbo setup have a few options to use or get rid of it. As of right now there are 2 aftermarket options to get rid of it. The Hahn and Vulcan intake manifold are both great pieces but they are up in the $600 range. The 2.2 and 2.4 manifolds would be a good fix but they dont cover A port on the lsj head. So, that leaves budget minded tuners to turn to things like the ATP sc delete kit and using the stock intake manifold in conjunction with it.

But, there is an alternative. An lk9 intake manifold from the engine of a Saab 93 2.0 bolts to an lsj because they share they same head. The part new from Saab with a gasket is only $150. It has equal length runners and is a compact design. But, it's not perfect. The LSJ throttle body doesn't bolt up. There is a solution and I can show you how to do it.

Here is the LK9 mani. in stock form. It has been marked to show you how much it needs to be enlarged.

Opened up a little

A comparison half way through with the TB spacer.

The final port opening.

After I opened up the intake port on the mani I had to concentrate on making the bolt holes line up. The threads on the LK9 mani are slightly inward compared to the lsj TB threads. I had the luxury or being able to use my ATP tb spacer to hold the TB off or the manifold. If you don't have one you will need to have a machine shop make one for you. It should not be a difficult job for any real machine shop.I recommend having them make the bolt holes match the manifold so that you don't have to modify them like me.

Here is the measure of how far you need to bring the bolt holes on the TB over to match the mani. I found that 1mm on either side worked.

This is a close up of them opened up.

You need to lop off some pieces to make the TB fit on the side. They are a vacuum port and a thread hole that you don't need.

The whole setup all together.

Hope you liked my how to.
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