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OK, first off you don't have to be a Premium member or have a certain amount of posts to post pictures in threads.
Here is how you post a picture in a thread.

1st you have to have the picture hosted meaning it can't just be on your hard drive.
You can host them here at like this.

1. Click on Photo Gallery at the top of the page.
2. Click on Upload Photos in the middle right side of the page.
3. Browse for your picture(s), put them in a catagory and click upload.
4. Click on your picture and it will appear in it's own screen.

**Now your picture is hosted.**

2nd you have to get that picture into the thread.
You can do that by doing this.

1. All you do is right click the picture you just hosted.
2. Select Properties.
3. Highlight the web address that is in the middle of the popup.
4. Right click what you have highlighted and select copy.
5. When you are replying to a thread there is a little yellow square with a pic of a mountain on it.
6. Click on that little yellow square.
7. Right click the address box and select paste.
8. That will paste the address you copied before into that box.
9. Click OK.
10. Then just submit the reply and you're all set.

**Now your picture(s) will appear in your response like this.**
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