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Hello all.

So ive got a pretty big problem here. I recently was told from my auto shop that I always go to that my intake gasket is bad. I've gone on other forums and researched how difficult this spot is and from what im seeing, it looks like its going to be the biggest pain in the ass just to replace one tiny little gasket. The list goes as follows.
Remove supercharger
remove generator
remove hosing to fans
remove fans
remove intake manifold
replace gasket - then repeat all these steps in instillation order.

My question to you is, is there ANY way to simply avoid going through all this trouble and make it go faster? im not that mechanically advanced and haven't done a job like this, but my car needs it BAD. the bounce from my tachometer when im slowing down and/or coming to a stop is just getting worse and worse every day of the week. I need help!!
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