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this kid from is holding a huge meet feb.26 in jersey.. at the garden state plaza parking lot.. over a hundred people already have signed up and you will be able to sell parts just email him or PM him to let him know so he can make a masters list..

heres his thread i just copied and pasted.. ill leave his user name too so you can contact him if you wanna go so he can add you to the list...transam kid 01

ight, I really wanted to go to the freehold meet, but an unexpected engine problem and old man winter stopped me. I'm gonna try my hand at setting this bad boy up.

Place: Garden State Plaza parking lot, close to the Best buy
Intersection of Rt. 4 and Rt. 17 in Bergen County.
Date: Sunday Febraury 26th.
Time: 4 O'clock
Wash your cars for pictures.


From Manhattan / Connecticut

George Washington Bridge to Route 4 West.
Take exit for Route 17 South.
Proceed 100 yards past Route 4 Interchange to Plaza entrance.

From Rockland / Westchester

Tappan Zee Bridge to I-287 West.
Take exit 14A for the Garden State Parkway South.
Follow the GSP South to exit 163 for Route 17 South.
Proceed 100 yards past Route 4 Interchange to Plaza entrance.

From Western New Jersey

Route 80 East to Garden State Parkway North.
Proceed North to exit 160 (direct entrance into rear of Plaza); or exit 161 (Route 4 East) Plaza on right.

From South Jersey

NJ Turnpike North to exit 11 (Garden State Parkway North).
Proceed North to exit 160 (direct entrance into rear of Plaza); or exit 161 (Route 4 East) Plaza on right


In case we end up being kicked out which we might with a turnout this large, these are our back up plans.

Been there, never get kicked out, but I don't like the pillars.

PLAN C: Thank you rawTA for this one
NJ Parkway N to the rest stop at exit 172.


Simple guidelines:
Please no burnouts, peelouts, donuts, WOT entrances.
Try to keep the attention down, so if you have a loud exhaust try to keep the rev's down. Wanna not run into problems so we can run this again a few months from now if it goes well.

Please Park and lock your cars, don't want any problems, if you wanna put up your hood to show off your bling, go ahead.

If we run into anyone who creates a problem (stealing and the such) I'm sure everyone else would not have a problem with a group beat down.

If you have any parts that you are gonna bring to sell please post it or PM me and I'll make a master list.

I'm going to get a small prize to have for a small unofficial "Best of Meet" contest. May have other awards but they will have to be significantly smaller items as It's coming out of my wallet.

I've dubbed this project of mine. "CCM - Crossroads Car Meet"

Please note time change from 5 to 4 giving us 1 more hour of day light.

We will head to hooters at 7:30. I called them and they said they could support 100 some odd people. In the event that we pack the hooters. The rest of us will just have to head up 17N 4 minutes and pull a u-turn and go to the other hooters.

For Sale List at meet:

Squabbin (NASIOC): Front and Rear AXIS DELUXE Brake Pads
Used Tein S-Tech Springs
Mint MOMO Shift Knob

Boofer (NASIOC): Alpine CDA-9813
Set of PAGID Brake

Sign up:

1. Njskatchmo (NASIOC)
2. xdrian (+ some) (NASIOC)
3. Essteaeye (+ some) (NASIOC)
4. Nosuchluck (SRT-4mation)
5. Alex47 (SRT-4mation)
6. ants wrx (+ some) (NASIOC)
7.vipernj (NASIOC)
8.allen504tke (NASIOC)
9. highway drifter (NASIOC)
10.carwidow (NASIOC)
11.evil sti (NASIOC)
12.IIdiceII (NASIOC)
13.gtlegg (NASIOC)
14.Lacrosseboss18 (+2) (Nasioc)
15.infamousdx (NASIOC)
16.go0tboost (srt-4mation)
17.EPskate (+2+) (NASIOC)
18.wrxdrftr2002 (NASIOC)
19.uncle lewie wrx (NASIOC)
20.REX_04 (+2) (NASIOC)
21.straightouttajersey (NASIOC)
22.9vapors (NASIOC)
23.Evil XT (NASIOC)
24.GottaREX (NASIOC) rexx04 (NASIOC)
26.ryan'ssubi (+2)(WRXTuners)
27.uzer_errors (NASIOC)
28.kgmdawg84 (SRT-4mation)
29.27.NJTib04 (Tristatetuners)
30.JSPECFC3S (Tristatetuners)
31.Chandy69 (+2)(NASIOC)
32.TurboGTP (Tristatetuners)
33.DomZ (Tristatetuners)
35.xdrian (rx8club)
36.chrism (rx8club)
37.ExcelonGT (rx8club)
38.OneEvilRx8 (rx8club)
39.dillsrotary (rx8club)
40.RotaryRider36 (rx8club)
41.MikeKats (rx8club)
42.OneEvilRx8 (rx8club)
43.Gambit (rx8club)
44.Transam kid 01 (+x) (rx8club)
45.8is>enuff (rx8club)
46.Cuztom15 (clubwrx)
47.92EGSedan (tristatetuners)
48.subwrxkid (tristatetuners)
49.derffred (NASIOC)
50. Evil Imports (+1)(NASIOC)
51. Gordata (NASIOC)
52.STI2LGT (legacygt)
53.izerosmilesi (+X) (NASIOC)
54.BeetchoGarcia (NASIOC)
55.Soupnazi (I-club)
56.06subiny (+X) (NASIOC)
57.FikseRxSeven (nopistons)
58.amp (nopistons)
59.ulost2my7 (rx7club)
60.transam kid 01 (+2) (rx8web)
61.ulost2my7 (rx7club)
62.Littleredrex (+x) (NASIOC)
63.ROTARYROCKET7 (rx7club)
64.John64 (rx7club)
65.stinky277 (rx7club)
66.boofer (NASIOC)
67.evoeater8 (NASIOC)
68.wrxtuner1 (NASIOC)
69.1rawta (+1)(ls1tech)
70.dave6265 (NJIC)
71.NJ 2.5RS (NJIC)
72.subysteve (NJIC)
73.oppositelock (NJIC)
74.allen504tke (NJIC)
75.scorpion41 (rx7club)
76.Crump (+2)(NASIOC)
77.jeisen (NASIOC)
78.Gorilla Unit 33 (Tristatetuners)
79.klepto (misfit tuners)
80.underconstruction (misfit tuners)
81.REAmemiya FD3S (rx7club)
82.180sxDrifter (tristatetuners)
83.G.T.Subie (legacygt)
84.squabbin (NASIOC)
85.aerostar (NASIOC)
86.RotaryManiac (rx8club)
90.NeeD4SpeeD (+10-20) (ls1tech)
91.WS6TransAm01 (ls1tech)
92.35thls1ss19 (ls1tech)
93.85OneTireFire (ls1tech)
94.trinistyles (NASIOC)
95.compuvision02 (NASIOC)
96.BobErT- (tristatetuners)
97.StreetEG (tristatetuners)
98.airindia33 (legacygt)
99.JBLU24 (legacygt)
100.whitetiger (legacygt)
101.carman493 (legacygt)
102.Icerider2001 (NJIC)
112.majestic dc5(clubrsx)
114.markwitdada9 (clubrsx)
115.ProjectRSX (clubrsx)
116.The Tech-1 (clubrsx)
117.jimtweet (NASIOC)
118.nicobaires (+1)(rx7club)
119. rotor_convert (rx7club)
120.VEILSIDERX8 (rx8club)
121.whoosh (NASIOC)
122.Red97Z (LS1tech)
123.n20ssnick (LS1tech)
124.Roarin_8 (LS1tech)
125.Firehawk1120 (LS1tech)
126.Misterjuice (LS1tech)
127.12secondv6 (LS1tech)
128.silverbullet (LS1tech)
129.blazin sti (+4) (NASIOC)
130.Dave6265 (+2) (NJIC)
132.BigFanof8 (rx8web)
133.rx8guy17 (rx8club)
135.djpete (NASIOC)


1.Voytech (NASIOC)
2.RS22b (NASIOC)
3.Antonios Kintos (NASIOC)
5.mister juice (Srt-4mation)
6.adam496 (tristatetuners)
7.leeden (NASIOC)
8.Dave6265 (+1)(NASIOC)
9.gambit (rx8web)
10.Devil13 (NASIOC)
11.Adam496 (Tristatetuners)
12.xEJ20x (NASIOC)
13Enigma (matrixowners)
15.95nracer (Tristatetuners)
16.WHT-rs (NASIOC)
17.nu2boost (NASIOC)
18.mudfoot (legacygt)
20.srt4drag0n (SRT-4mation)
21.Augustusmaximus (NASIOC)
22.rx7girltk (nopistons)
23.Reggae-TRIX (matrixowners)
24.RiVoT (matrixowners)
25.fractrix (matrixowners)
26.GoodfellaFD3S (rx7club)

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winged avenger said:

I came about one there ??? I guess it was too cold ???


Carlo a/k/a Winged Avenger :D
sorry about that...i was so busy running around for work and my personal life that i was unable to update this post.. the event was held a little bit further north up on rte.17 at another mall parking lot right around the fireplace.. i only found out that it was there instead of where it was supposed to be because my sisters boyfriend had just came from there and informed me where it had just changed.. but anyways i showed up there around 6:00 and it was still crazy cars all over.. from what i hear earlier in the night there was about 200 cars and news crews.. but it was a nice thing.. cars all over, flyin up and down the highway.. lots of srt-4's and evo's and mustangs but it was fun but yes it was extremely cold...
anyways gotta go.l
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