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well where to start, lol :p


i got a new job, i'm working as a customer account exec. for COMCAST CABLE CO. :D ..(basically cust servc)...

this is the middle of my 5th week on the job.... as you may remember from my previous posts a WHIIIILE back, i was looking for a job real bad!

finally i got one ;)

and to top it off, my computer got messed up and i couldnt check up on the forums anymore.. (im on SCR and here only now)

so, now that i got this crappy comp back up and running, im can see whats up, and looks like everything is still kool...

cobizzle and 87camaropa... sorry i left you guys hanging!!!!!!! LOL :D

now we can all go bully the noobs together again!!!!

.......ima kinda tired right now, so ima end it here, for now

back again!

-ALBeRt :cool:


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Yeah we FINALLY got the Chevelle a week ago Wednesday. It looks pretty good for a '71! We still havent had a chance to get started on it yet but Im out of school now and I'll have more time for it. I'll bump up the thread with the pics.
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