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Buying cars that is! lol

Just traded in my 2003 Mazda Protege5(Short Bus) for this!

It is a 2002 Jeep Wrangler X. 5-speed, Inline 6. It has a good amount of go. It won't do anything quarter mile wise but it is fun! It has 56,000 miles and I negotiated a 3 Year/35,000 mile warranty into the deal. It has running boards and has the light bar across the top along with the PIAA Fog lights in the front. The PIAA are awesome, and EXTREMELY bright. The light bar lights aren't lighting up, so I am working on that. I will probably be taking the Light bar off untill I get the beafier(not a word) wheels/tires. The interior is great and the selling point for me. The seats are orange and very comfortable. Probably a little more comfortable than the Mazdas. They hug me better but they aren't as wide. Who the hell cares right? It has a soft top, and a bikini top. I was looking for a Wrangler with a hard top so I can just buy a soft top since they are cheaper, but I don't have the money for a Soft Top so I just bought one with a Soft top! lol

The Jeep rides great. It isn't shakey like the Mazda was. Granted, the Mazda had an accident in it's past(from the trash truck hitting it) and a few other things wrong. From having the bowling ball bag in the bag, it cracked the plastic behind the rear seats. The driver side leather seat was starting to ware from the getting in and out of it. I always felt the auto-traggic tranny felt slushy too. The factory warranty just ended also. Oh and the paint didn't match the best when I had it fixed from the accident.

Over all, I weighed the pros and cons between both vehicles and I feel that the Jeep was much better and no doubt more reliable. The Warranty is basically the same exact thing as stock except it doesn't cover like door handles and stuff. It does cover the radio and any electronics and engine and heating and cooling. Also covers the Starter and the Alternator(just to mention a few specific parts). Which, to me is AWESOME! The carfax says it is one owner and no accidents!

Plans for it: Get paint matched extended fender flares along with some aftermarket wheels and a bigger set of tires. We had them on our previous Jeep and they looked great but they weren't body matched. The light bar is coming off untill I get the bigger wheels and tires. No need for a stereo as it comes with a stock subwoofer in the center console. Not to great though.

Ok, time to shut up, heres the shitty night pics for now. I will do a proper photo shoot when I get back from the Beach!

P.S.- Please know that I am not a pro at editing pictures, I just wanted to lighten them up a little!

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