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Important Info About Ss

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My dealership guy just got back to me about the "SS performance package" The one with the Recario seats and the LSD. It turns out it is aviable it just showed up in his computer today!!!! The package cost me $1400 - and I think it will be well worth it. The day that GM allows the orders to be set is MARCH 7, 2005. When I pre-ordered mine the 17 of Jan. the deal wasnt aviable but I went and changed it today at the dealership, it didnt seem to be a problem - FYI for those you have pre-ordered. Ok my job is done hope the info is helpful to those you were asking about the package. :D
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anyone know if you can buy an ss right now? iwent to my local dealer a week ago, and a salesman said they aren't even produced yet. Is this true?
Yes that is true, production of the SS doesnt start till March. The coupe is produced right now though. You can Pre-order and have one of the first to hit the streets.
couple of dealerships have the SS in hand but cant sell till March until other dealerships get them in.
Let's get those damn things on the road! I want a ride. :D I bet you guys and girls are stoked.

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