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Hey guys kinda new here and sadly I do not have a Cobalt SS....yet.

However I do all of the work on my buddies SS and now I have to have one for sure.

I posted up a idea for a H/E upgrade that might work and I asked for your thoughts but I got no replys :(

After thinking about it for a while I something came to me. What about the Intercooler?

I found a company that makes the intercoolers for the SVT Cobra, Lightning and GT500 and the performace that they offer to those CRAP cars and trucks is actually very impressive. So I was thinking about contacting then about doing a intercooler for my buddies SS but I dont even know what the thing looks like. Also I think in order to get one made i will have to have a few other people get one also. That and I woudl have to send them one of the intercoolers bu I dont know of anyone that has their car apart that is in the middle of a build. So I would need someone to send them one, if this works out.

I honestly think this could work for the Turbo guys also. If you just added a sheet metal IC box to the equation then we could have a Air to Water IC that would actually be streetable unlike the ones you see set in the passanger floor boards of race cars. With the 900-1000hp that the GT500 guys are running through these intercoolers (seeing 78* IAT's) I think that we coudl see very low boost temps if we went this route and we would nto have to worry about heat soaking a FMIC.

On another note they also have a gasket for the dame SVT cars that blocks ALL of the heat transfer from part to part (meaning you intake will stay then same temp instead of heating up while driving or racing around). They also have a wrap for the intake that will eliminate the underhood temps from heating up the intake either. No matter what setup you are running, you can see how this could add some very easy HP, maybe even more than a CAI's and MAF upgrade.

I already contacted VTS Racing about makeing the gaskets but again I dont have a extra set to send them. SO if you gys are interested in the intercoolers or the gaskets and you have some that you can send them then they said that they would do it. (I have not talked with them about the IC but I am sure if we can get 5 or 6 of us together on this we coudl get them to make one. I would want to get us all together before I enquired about it though.)

Here is the stuff that I found on the Cobra parts that gave me the idea:

VTS Racing Heat Shield Gaskets:

VTS Racing Cobra Intercoolers, GT500 Intercoolers & Lightning Intercoolers:

This image has testing data on it.

VTS Cobra Intercooler:

VTS Racing GT500 Intercooler

VTS Racing Lightning Intercooler

if people are putting these on their $60,000.00 cars then I am sure they work really good. That is why I think they would be a good mod for those of us that would like to Smoke a Cobra or GT500!!! lol if we are lucky.

Everyone please post your opinions and concerns. Also if you have a Set of Gaskets you can send them or a Intercooler then I will give you the contact info that I have for them so we can get some of these Gaskets. If you know more about intercoolers than I do then feel free to contact them about the intercoolers for the SS as I dont really know all that much about them.

Everyone Post, I want opinions



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If your buddy has a SS/TC there are already a handful of companies that make intercoolers for the TC already. Hahn, Crazy Steve, and Synapse are some of the more popular ones.
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