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Ion vs. SS, I have one of each...

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Even my wife says the SS is a far better car. I like the Ion as a family car, very nice looks and very practical. Ours is the Ion III quad coupe fully loaded. Honestly the brakes suck, the VTI transmission is a pain and the overall ride is not that impressive. I looked at the Redline and was unimpressed.

Our SS is a very nice, quiet, comfortale and stable ride. As far as GM goes, overall I'm confident enough to sink $50,000 dollars in their product. Not because I sell them as I also sell Toyota but because I believe they are good cars. I am not down on the Ion, it is only in comparision to the SS.
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Now was that a redline?If it wasnt it is totally different compare your cobalt ss to a regular cobalt now that would not be fair.The redline has the best brakes in its class BTY.
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