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iPhone/iTouch 3.0 Beta Testing, anyone interested?

Alright so I figured if we purchase a $99 Apple Dev account, we can add up to 100 iPhones to the Dev list and start using the 3.0 firmware as soon as we add our phones to the list. As well as be able to download the future 3.0 beta releases all the way up to the official release. I don't find it practical for me to buy a $99 account so I figured if I can get a bunch of people interested here to chip in, we can get one account and add all of our phones to it... would anyone be up for this?

Edit: if we get 10 people to chip in $10 bucks each, we will all be able to enjoy the 3.0 firmware builds starting the point we add our iPhones to the list, the more people the cheaper it will be, come on guys I know there is more than 10 of us on here with iPhones.

Edit: This is for iPhone/iPhone 3G/iTouch users, everyone who contributes with those devices will be able to enjoy the 3.0 OS.

1. Ramphex
2. DC52NV (
3. Listerman (
4. Blue_Balt (
5. 07LaserBlueSS (
6. utsadude (
7. mattfrancikatthew575 (
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