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Is this normal?

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Okay, here's the details:

Just got a Cobalt LT Sedan on Friday. Went on a trip over the 4th, and the wife had the headlights on as we were on the coast and it was foggy, yet still daylight. She parked the car, but left the lights on. In the morning, dead battery. Jumped it and it was fine.

She swore there was no warning chime and I just about called her a liar. Later, about 200 miles, when we got home I tried it and sure enough, there is no warning chime for lights left on. Is this normal?

Also, I'm no newbie to RAP (Retained Accessory Power), Have had it in 5 of my last GM cars, but in all the others it killed it when you opened the door. is there a D.I.C. setting to get this to act like other GM Cars? From what I have seen the D.I.C. options look very sparse compared to my Corvette's options.

Thanks alot.
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i dont turn my lights on.. i let the auto lights do that.. but if its raining and my auto lights dont turn on i would have to turn them on myself and would forget to turn them off. but yes mine does ding.. i think u should get that checked out
I make it a habit to check my headlights every time I get out of the car, even if I didn't have them on, I just give it a little twist to the off position just to make sure. I haven't left my car w/ my lights on ever because of this little habit.
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