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issues with leather seats

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is anyone else having problems with their seat bottoms stretching out like this one? if so can you post pics, so i know if i need to take it back and have it redone.. the cars only 2 weeks old and it's already like that... it has me worried a bit. i think they had too much material on the seat when they made it

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Same $hit is happening to my seat. Just not that bad. Get a good leather conditioner, it should help a little.
i get a lil bit but it goes away after im not sitting for a few minutes.. i just get a lil butt mark.. lol not as bad as yours.. but yea... i think u should get that checked out.. thats not good
I thought that was a picture of my seat....exact same seat, exact same problem :(
How hot was it when you took those pics? Leather probably expands and contracts with temp.......but wait....that would mean everyones car does it :D .....and mine dosent, mine has the small creases/wrinkles but it doesnt look real loose like that. My seats are blue.
My '04 Corvette gets that, but not 1/2 as bad.

I haven't seen it yet on our Cobalt LT Sedan, but it's only got 600 miles on it.

GM uses cheap leather, so cheap it might as well be vinyl. I'm going to spring for some VetteEssentials leather for the Vette after summer.
actually.. i do have a lil butt spot that stays there.. i thought it went away but now that u showed the picture its always there lol just no where near as bad as yours
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