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Sorry I didn't post this earlier on here but here it is. This is the original thread that I made on other car forums. If you have any questions please ask thank you.

So here it is, just to start a fresh. Here is the info on location, prices, times, and other stuff.

Location: Temple Raceway in Temple,TX website-
addy: 13850 State Highway 95
Holland TX 76534

Time: 12pm til the sun goes down I believe lol

Prices: Spectate: $5
Race: $10
Show: $20
Audio Sound Off Contest: $20
Bracket Racing: might or might not happen(cash prizes)

Other things to know: bring your own food, alcohol(no glass containers), and other drinks. Also concession stands will be open for those who just wanna buy food or drinks there at the track. There is also gonna be raffle prizes from Jason A+ performance, and Crate Engine Depot. Prizes include gift certificates, headlight bulbs from plasmaglow, and other items.

City Caravans are being formed for the trips to the track. Here are the links to the info for the caravans.

Austin Caravan: http://www.*************/forums/showthread.php?t=70821

DFW Area Caravan: http://www.*************/forums/showthread.php?t=70333

Houston Caravan: http://www.*************/forums/showthread.php?t=70101

San Antonio Caravan:
(just go to the last page to see where we are meeting)

If I am missing anything please add it in thank you!!!

I hope to see a ton of people out there. So far we have +50 people heading out there hopefully we can make that number double!!! So if you got any questions please ask.
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