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Just a VID of my Redline....

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Here is a video I made of my Redline. I know Im in a Cobalt SS forum just thought I'de share if anyones interesed. I'ts nothing crazy just some shots...... :eek:
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link does not work
No?, thats weird, what does it say, i cant view it b/c I'm at work and im blocked. if it does not work again try this...
File Download Error

File you are looking for cann't be found of server due to several possibile reasons:

* invalid download url
* file expired (older than 10 days)
* file was infected by virus
* file was reported of heaving harmful or illegal content

second link seems to work fine though
OhOK.Thats weird, I copied and pasted it. Hey, On the 2nd link that brings your to the ReLiine forums, does it let you download the video there?
Yeah you can download it on the second link. ;)
Nice car!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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