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I just bought myself the car I have wanted since it was released, a 2006 Chevy Cobalt SS SC with the G85 Performance Package. I am looking for some tips and suggestions. I have a few questions on the wheel hop. I have been directed to buy BWoody traction bars, and new motor mounts. I will link parts and description below. I have already set up with a local dealership to install the Stage 2. Should anything be done before I upgrade? My plans in order are to install the Stage 2 and Motor Mounts the same day. After that the BWoody Traction Bars, Strut Tower Bar, Sway Bars, Control Arms, LSJ Axels, Mid Length Header & Downpipe combo. I haven’t looked to see if the previous owner had put the K&N Cold Air intake on. Is there anything wrong with this approach? Anything I should be doing differently or in another order? I’m looking to hopefully get around 260-270hp. I heard that you need to drill holes on the bottom Control Arm for install of the BWoody Traction Bars. Is this true for my model? Also, will that still need to be done once the new Control arms are installed? All feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Constructive criticism is appreciated as well

Motor Mounts

Traction Bars

Strut Tower Bar

Sway Bars

Control Arms


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