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Just ordered mine today!!

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I am so excited. I sell cars at a Chevy dealership, i've been so jeleous everytime i've sold one or taken someone on a test drive, so I finally made the decision to build mine today :)

2006 Arrival blue SS S/C
Onstar, XM, G85 performance package, sunroof, pioneer sound and ashtray/lighter :p
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do the 2006s look any diff from the 2005s?
o yea and btw.. congrats! lol
foXll17 said:
do the 2006s look any diff from the 2005s?
Only the non-supercharged SS'
They look like the LS coupe with SS wheels and badging.
Thank you sir, now that I'm a soon-to-be owner, i'll be on more often :)
Congrats, Make sure you take tons of pictures and post them on here!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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