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KSE vs. JDMcivic

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:D .... so it's been discussed, me and JDM have to find out, NOW!


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We'll do a best of 3 competition.

1) 1/4 drag race.
This has potential to be the most competitive 16 second 1/4 ever.
2) Autocross
Driver vs. driver...
3) From a roll on the Interstate.
3 horn beeps and we're off... slowly...

Place your bets people.


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Jetta TREK specs

-2.0L MPFI I4
-5 speed manual
-2600ish with driver

Intake, exhaust, ground wires, new clutch, short throw shifter

Its a 16 second beast...
KSE, I edited your map and put the Jetta's pic on there.

Ha-ha... you want the pink slip of the pink Jetta...
There is no way we'd run low 16s. mid to high at best.

My friend runs 16.6-16.8 consistently and I can beat him, but only by like 1/2 a car length.

You're gf could always ride with me ;)
I'm actually vacationing in Colorado soon, so I'll be out there anyway. I mentioned a GTG and KSE jumped at it. Nothing has been finalized yet.

KSE, I did get your call. I'm waiting to et more details togethre before I respond.
CoBIZZLE said:
No see they are talkin about REAL cars... not Underground... ;)
He is probably right. I mean, seriously, I drive a VW Jetta 2.0.
He sent me a few pms. I dunno, he is being really differnet. I think he is another fake.
cobalt2.2owner20 said:
take your rsx and shove it bitch, through it on the junk pile with those fords

I think he and KSE know one another.
I'm not going on my vacation anymore. I won't be able to make it.

I can make up a story if you want tho.
87camaroPA said:
You sould make sure to go into great detail and make it fun. :D :p
Race 1(Drag race)
We lined up at the track. The staging lines trembled fearing the two titans. As we lit the staging lines, we both started blipping our gas. I revved my engine up in anticipation of eventual victory. As the final ywlloe lit, I buried my clutch. My tires were up in smoke. KSE got a good 3 speed automatic launch and was off. I spun thru 1st and part of 2nd as KSE pulled away. My 60' was like 3.4. Once I got traction, I was off. I started catching up slowly, pulling ever so slightly. And then I mised third. KSE then killed me. KSE ran a [email protected] and I busted out a [email protected]

KSE: 1 JDM: 0

Race 2(Interstate shoot out)
We paced one another for about a mile. Once we got an opening in traffic, KSE honked it off. He started pulling on me. He had about a car length and then... his governor kicked in. I flew by and took my car up to its governor before we sut down.

KSE: 1 JDM: 1

Race 3(autocross)
We met again at the autox track for a li'l fun. We took a few practice laps before we'd go for a little hot lap competition. We both blasted around, picking apart the lines of the track. Tune in next week for the rest of the story.
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Isn't it ironic... both of our cars are out of commission...
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