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KSE vs. JDMcivic

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:D .... so it's been discussed, me and JDM have to find out, NOW!


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KSE said:
great, another bidder.. have you talked to mazda6 yet?.. he's got $200 on the Z24, you guys can take it from here...

and jdm, lol i DO want the PINK slip to the PINK jetta! :D

No but when is this supost to take place? And i might place a bet on this but we will see when this takes place.
KSE said:
actually we planning on doing this in a couple days, im taking my car to jiffy lube 2morrow

LMAO, better safe than sorry!!!

p.s.: damnit JDM, i called you and you weren't there! :confused: what gives!!!.. you said, call at this time, well.. i called at that time and nothing! :mad: .. anyway, call me back
Did you guyd figure out a location were you are going to meet at and were the race is going to take place at? O and you can never be to safe.
CoBIZZLE said:
What happened to action??? He used to be a nice guy and now he's acting like Mike. So much for Mr. Nice Guy...
I know it was weird.
Damn i would have liked to hear about the race that would have been interesting to hear about who won.
JDMCivic said:
I'm not going on my vacation anymore. I won't be able to make it.

I can make up a story if you want tho.
You sould make sure to go into great detail and make it fun. :D :p
OMG that was so funny i cant wait for next weeks insalments of Euro and American race.
I was just thinking of this last night when i was on but..... yeah this was a very funny subject for a wile.
CoBIZZLE said:
Yeah Paul woulda won the autocross, cause he woulda ran over you guys while you were parked waiting your turn... he cant drive very well.... especially if its a stick. LOL :D
Hey now i can drive stick now. :D I drive it darn well for only driven it three times. :D :p
1 - 10 of 70 Posts
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