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Lack of suspension mods...

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Being the Cobalt SS is fairly new there's not much in aftermarket items on the market, one very simple thing would be a STB ( shock tower brace ) and that's not even offered.

I sent BMR ( ) an e-mail BMR asking if there was any plans to make suspension parts for the Cobalt SS, there reply was.

" Not at this time, but I will add it to the request list.


BMR makes an excellent product at a very good price, I'm not pushing BMR products and if anyone here has another company that they think will get some mods in the works for the SS then so be it...the thing is if you don't make your wants known then the mod pickings will be slim.

If you want BMR or any other company to start building parts for the SS then you need to get together start phoning and e-mailing them.

Now get busy and start phoning and e-mailing these companies so when it comes time for me to get an SS/SC they'll be plenty of mods to choose from. :D
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