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Cant walk :cussing: in the garage or basement. Need to get rid of some of this stuff:lol::lol::lol:

New HPFP Got this on another deal and allready have a couple spares . Make reasonable offers.

New coil paks. Not sure what their worth so make offers

New Forge Bypass valve. SoldSIZE]

Spec Aluminum flywheel used ready to go. $200 Shipped

New LNF Clutch and pressure plate. Make offers

NEW LNF OEM hubs with ARP studs for drag racing. I am 5x114 so Ill never use these. $225 shipped. Hubs alone are worth $300 from GM or Temkin

I have a new LNF head fully assembled $425 Shipped

two brand new complete shifters. Includes both cable clamps $125 each shipped a

LNF injectors used $50 each shipped

New LNF turbo $300 shipped . Also used turbo for core $175 Shipped

2008 LE5 intake $80 shipped

Nice LNF rotating assembly $150 shipped

Very nice LNF crank $125 shipped

LNF or G6 GT spindles ,your choice $75 a set

Anti Squat brackets left over from my Firebird GTA project. Gobal West Brand Best offer Cost $130

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