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Well here we go again. I have been cleaning up for winter and have a ton of extra stuff to get rid of.If you want it insured add $5 to the sale for Items over $100 and $2 to small Items

Complete LNF head used with 1000 miles on it $300 shipped

Powder Coated Black VVT Valve cover Make offers

Good used turbo in average condition $200 shipped

Turbo Core $90 shipped

New ECM $200 shipped

LSJ Pistons and Rods $75 shipped

LSJ cross pipe $30 shipped

Spec Aluminum Flywheel LNF $200 shipped

8 Pin 2.4 TB $75 shipped

LNF Valve cover like new $90 shipped


LSJ and LNF flywheels Good smooth stockers. Make offers and add $15 for shipping

2 LNF Front rotors $120 shipped


New LNF Shifters Complete $100 Shipped

New LNF Brembo hubs and rotors$275 shipped

M62 with a 2.6 or 2.8 pully. Looks to be in pretty good condition. $200 shipped

2008 2.4 new intake $75 shipped

93 c1500 complete mirror set $60 shipped

TRW Forged Flat tops 454 +030 $200 shipped

LNF and LSJ oil pans $80 shipped

Ill add more as I go through all the stuff I have
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