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LSD available yet? Standard or option?

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Just wondering if it is out their yet on the SS hitting the road and if it is standard.
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Canada is suppose to get it in 2006.. I just ordered a 2005 cause I am not waiting all these months just to get different seats since the ones in it are nice enough.. And the LSD really is just more traction.. To me it's not really worth waiting 4-6months maybe even more.. I just would juice up the power in it and thats good enough... I mean they are fast enough...

If your in the US then they already have it.. But it's an option.. I don't think they will make it a standard.. But I could be wrong..
How would I know if I have the LSD? I don't feel like I have enough traction sometimes when I'm taking off, but that could just be my shitty driving habbits.
Do you have Recaro seats if not then you dont have the LSD
I hope LSD will be standard next year but that could be wishful thinking but any way i would not get my SS without LSD.
I am not seeing this come up as an option on the chevy website. Guess it is not available yet. :(
Where are you located at and i do not think it will show as an option. Chevy is not showing it though. I wonder why.

Well Vehix it is showing as a package.
Recaro seats would be the ones with the inserts, correct?
The G85 Performance package is an option that must be ordered. So far, there are none builft that are available for sale at any dealer that has not been pre ordered as sold. So, if you did not order your SS with the LSD and Recaro seats you do not have an LSD. As the 2006 production model line begins 6/17/2005, it is likely that if you have not ordered and have not recieved an accepted factory build date prior to 6/17/2005, you will not get a 2005 with the LSD.
I still don't understand. Sorry if I sound retarded, but there was no "G85 Performance Package" option when I ordered my car in October of '04. Is this recent and I still don't know what the Recaro seat looks like. I have pictures up in this section if you could check it out. I have a hell of a time putting power to the ground instead of spinning the wheels like a kid sliding across ice on roller skates.
intervoid said:
Recaro seats would be the ones with the inserts, correct?
No they are the standard seats with the different color inserts. The Recaro seats have Recaro stiched into the seat.

First pic is of stadard seats and second is Recaro seats.


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There will be aftermarket LSD's but you should expect to pay a vary pretty penny for them and the install as well.
Yeah they alone would cost like $1,500 and then to instal would be a bunch more so when you get the LSD with the SS you get the seats as an extra gift. :)
Actually a lot of times they are more than that!! Ive seen some Quaiffe units around $1900 :eek:
If by any chance they make a Phantom Grip then they usually run less than a grand, and from what I hear they perform quite well for the money.
I actually think Phantom IS the company. They look less complicated than others. Check out I think they have some for the Neon just so you can get an idea.
No the comany i saw they had them for the Cobalts and Ion's and many others.
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